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Hi all:  we are hoping to find someone who will come and stay with our sweet little Shih Tzu mix: Butters. He’s a lovely guy, trained and a year and a half old. He will need to be with someone who will either work from home, or would like to take him to work with them (he’s a great therapy dog who comes to work in my office every day) to a quiet office. He’s easy going and will offer lots of love. We have some houseplants too. We live in a lovely  2 story craftsman in a nice little neighborhood in central Berkeley. Hoping to find someone to help us for 2 weeks from November 18-December 2. We aren’t sure what the going rate for pet sitting is. We’re new at this. Can anyone make an recommendations? Does anyone know how much we can expect to pay for someone to come a pet sit for two weeks? We’d be happy to have a responsible college student stay here, or someone else who needs a quiet place with Wi-Fi, and all the amenities. Hoping to learn good things from this awesome community!  Thanks for all of your help. Please feel free to connect by email. 

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I've had really good experiences with Trusted Housesitters (online platform). You don't actually pay them (just an enrollment fee to join the website), it's usually people looking to travel. They have reviews and I've always had great experiences with the people I've chosen. 

We just started using a service called “ trusted house sitters” as recommended by some friends. You pay a flat fee to register ( I can’t recall the amount but not pricey) and then you can use their platform to find sitters. The sitters are free. We have had great luck with them. They are all vetted and you can read reviews from  past clients on the site. I had no idea there were so many cool and interesting people who are just traveling across the country and do this as a way to save on hotel costs.  

 If that idea does not appeal to you I also have had direct experience with Doggy Llama based out of Oakland. Very reliable services bit the cost will probably be over $100 a night.

good luck!

I recommend TaskRabbit, they're online. They charge a percentage per hour fee but usually, your helper will work with you one-on-one once you've met. I've met two wonderful helpers through this site. Best of luck.