Recommendation for neuropsychologists good with 2e kids

I’m looking for recommendations for a neuropsychologist to test my 10 y.o. son who is 2e (gifted and ADHD). He can be challenging when asked to do things that are new so the person needs to be very patient and flexible in their approach.  Dr. Joanna Berg was recommended so in addition to other recommendations, I’m curious if anyone has worked with her. Thanks! 

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About 2 years ago, my son aged 16 at the time, saw Dr. Carina Grandison who is in Berkeley.  She is a child neuropsychologist.  My son is also 2E, gifted and ADHD, and also with depression.  He didn't want to go, but when he met her, she was so disarming, welcoming.  Thorough test results but also insights about him.   She was booking a fews months out at the time.