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Hello, families!  I'm looking for a painter to paint my son's classroom at his pre-school.  It's just one classroom, around 480 sq ft, so we're looking for someone who's willing to do a small-ish job indoors, who charges reasonably, and who does quality work (the previous painters definitely did not).  I would love any recommendations you have!  Many thanks.

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His name is Santos and his English may be limited but I am very happy with his work and reasonable bids. Please contact me for his number. 


We used Ros Wyatt of Green Plumb Painting to do our interior. (510) 356-8582. Ros was helpful, responsible, and on time. Plus she has an outstanding color sense. She was wonderful to work with.

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We have been thrilled with John Erickson. He is a painstaking interior painter with outstanding attention to detail (and general overall handyman, if you ever need other work). John has done a lot of interior painting for us, and we've always been happy with his work. And he's a great person to have around too!

Email - johnerickson701 AT gmail