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Hello, I'm planning to apply for US citizenship and I need to consult a lawyer beforehand. Do you have recommendations of a lawyer you or someone you know used to help with the naturalization process/N-400, preferably in the East Bay but any Bay Area location is fine. Thanks so much.

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Elliot and Mayock. They helped me with various visas and My green card.

Stacey Gartland at Van Der Hout LLP is phenomenal. She is very well informed and the consummate professional. She devised a strategy that helped me save a lot of time. 

I highly recommend Richard Kolomejec. We used him for my husband's green card and citizenship and I have friends that have used him as well.

I would highly recommend Mary Beth Kaufman.  I was one of her professors in Law School.  She and I worked together on several human rights cases.  She is super smart, warm, and empathic.  She was wonderful with all of the clients she worked with.  She is in SF and can be reached at mbkaufman [at]

I would highly recommend  Dustin Bankston and Nate Ganong are great!