Geriatric therapist for caregiver of spouse with dementia

With her permission, I am looking for a therapist for my mom, who is the caregiver for my dad/her husband who is suffering from dementia/memory loss.  As we all can imagine, it is so challenging to navigate supporting a partner suffering with memory loss.  As every journey is different, she would ideally prefer one-on-one sessions.  She is located in the Los Angeles area, and is open to in person anywhere near there or virtual.  My dad is enrolled in the cognitive care clinic at UCLA, but they have only been able to give group support recommendations and JCFS in LA did not have any recommendations.  If you don’t have a specific name, if you have general search terms or resources that may help, I would appreciate those as well.   I have to believe others have faced similar challenges and may have resources.  
I very much appreciate your help. 

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I have a great resource for you! so much free info, and she also has courses and does one on one zoom counseling.  Katie is amazing and a huge support for people like your mom who are caregivers.  Good luck.

While I'm not sure of 1:1 help, here are some group services:

There's an organization in NYC that can provide out-of-state resources: CaringKind Helpline: 646-744-2900. They provide support for caregivers of those with memory issues (my mom works facilitating groups in NYC and loves the organization). 

Also, the Alzheimer's Association is national:; 800-272-3900.

Sending good wishes; caring for the caregivers is SO crucial. 

I recommend contacting Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center They provide all kinds of support specifically for caregivers of adults with dementia and other serious illnesses down in LA. I work with Family Caregiver Alliance which supports caregivers up here in the SF Bay Area. Our website www, has a lot of great info on for caregivers caring for adults with dementia and other types of cognitive issues. 
My best wishes to you and your mom.