Recommend Medigap G plan for East Bay?

Hi, I'm looking for a Medigap Plan G for our area but the websites keep directing me to Medicare Advantage, which I don't want. Can anyone recommend a plan? Or a local broker? Thank you!

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In 2021 I helped my mom sign up for the Medigap Plan G (High Deductible). She had relocated from the East Coast. We went with Mutual of Omaha. For all these policies there are only a few of companies to go through for California, and not all offer each plan. I think there is a plan-finder on that will tell you exactly which companies will sell a particular plan. Eventually, you'll just have to get on the phone with one company or the other to verify the cost and sign up. [99% of info on the web is geared toward having you sign up for Advantage plans because that is where the money is for insurance companies.] Good luck.

We had a wonderful experience working with Philip Lee for my mom's Medicare. He was very knowledgeable and patient. 

Medicare Plans | Lee Health Insurance Services (

Contact Kent Alexander at kalexander [at] / (510) 381-4658 for help with signing up for Medicare (his services are free.) For Medicare “G” we went with the plan offered through AARP.