Recommend a Life Insurance agent or broker?

Hi folks,

I get such great recommendations when I throw my questions out to the BPN brain hive! So here we go again:

We have 2 young kids (1 and 4) and really need to get life insurance - we have a great broker for all our other insurance and she recommended someone, but I always want to get a couple quotes. I've already read past reviews (the most recent was 2013) and some of those agents have retired.

So if you recently (like, last couple years?) bought life insurance and really like the broker or agent, please share! thank you!

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I would highly recommend Nini Yang 408-464-7563. She did my insurance review. She is also a CPA and has her securities licenses so helped develop a full strategy that included my insurance needs (term abs LTC stuff). Highly recommend!!!

Jay Scott at State Farm in Albany!

He set up life insurance for myself and partner last year and it was a smooth process, with a great price and support on what coverage we actually need. When moving houses this year I also moved all our insurance over (home, auto) and that was easy and still competitively priced. 

At the time we set up the life plan, we were expecting. The policy was structured so that when the baby arrived (3 weeks ago!), he was automatically covered.

He’s been in the industry a while and takes a whole financial health view to life insurance, making sure to understand how it can also help with retirement later on and any other life needs. 

Hi, Leah Nishi with Framers is great. Not only can she get you a great deal on life insurance but she is friendly and fun to work with. She is with Farmer's.

Definitely call her: (510) 473-5565