Recommenations for durable outdoor lounge-type furniture?

Hello -

I'm looking for any recommendations for favorite outdoor lounge/hang out type of furniture that is durable, sun-weather resistant & can ideally be left outside year round (impossible ask?) The more specific of a rec the better!

We were thinking Adirondack chairs, but wanted to see what others have. (Or do you like your Adirondack?).


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We really like our teak outdoor furniture. Per the suggestion of the furniture maker who sold it to us, we did not even treat it. Just left it as is. Over time the teak turned grey in the sun but we like the natural look. Ever so often we will take a power washer and clean it. We have adirondack chairs, plus a picnic table and chairs. We use the picnic table and chairs more, because honestly, it's too cold where we live lounge outside on an adirondack much. I bought cheap outdoor seat cushions from Target for the chairs. We got our outdoor furniture from Wooden Duck but it has closed.

I used to work for a company that sold teak furniture, full disclosure, but they're out of business and I'm not in touch with them anymore. So I have nothing to gain by recommending, and if I could afford teak, I'd go for it. Teak really is beautiful, it lasts decades in weather and centuries indoors (unlike your average plastic patio chair ;-) ) . You can decide whether you want to oil it regularly or let it weather to a soft silvery gray. You can get plantation grown teak rather than going with old-growth that is more destructive to the environment.  And it can be left outdoors.  The less metal, the better, so get it dovetailed or with solid brass hardware, which will last a lot longer than steel or galvanized fittings.


Not sure what your budget is, but if you're looking for something that's durable and can generally be left out year round, I think the French brand, Fermob is great. It's a bit on the pricier side though and I don't think they have any type of Adirondack type chairs. 

I purchased our Adirondack chairs at Cost Plus World Market. You can get them on sale at a great price. They lasted about 10- 15 years outside 24-7. They come in bright colors, with matching footrests and end tables. Comfy. Not forever furniture like teak but it was perfect for us. I was ready for a new look by the time the chairs were wearing out. 

I really like Woodard cast iron. Very comfortable and lasts forever. Also expensive. 

We have mixed feelings about our teak patio furniture (table, ample chairs with arms and without). We tried to oil it the first year but quickly gave that up (too much work) and it's now a light weathered gray, which has grown on me and I can add a colorful cushion. Our biggest issue is actually the weight, as each chair is really bulky to move around. Even my husband, who likes his furniture solid, wishes we had more lightweight chairs. That said, the plastic stuff just doesn't last and I don't want to add to landfill. We might supplement with a few Fermob chairs - quality powder-coated steel.