Recommedation for a fertility acupuncturist in San Francisco

Dear community,

I am looking for an acupuncturist who is experienced with fertility in San Francisco. I am 41 and had an early miscarriage in June. It took me a few months to get my period back to regular but I am worried that my follicular cycle could be too short to conceive/sustain a health pregnancy. sometimes I ovulate on cycle day 10 and cycle length is only 23 days. I have two older children. Conception with them was easy, so as with the last miscarriage. Although now I am in my early 40s, I am not sure where my body stands.  Would greatly appreciate any tips/experience sharing/recommendations!

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Double happiness health in SF is excellent. I didn’t have the same issues as you, but they really are experts over there and would be a great resource. 

Hello - I would highly recommend Blue Ova in Noe Valley. Fertility acupuncture is their special. Good luck! Chessie

If you haven't already, I'd suggest you get checked out by your obgyn - I had secondary infertility, early miscarriage, and found out years later that I have fibroids and that's almost certainly why I couldn't get pregnant again. I also have very quick ovulation and cycles now at age 42 (used to be regular 28 days), although I don't know if that's related to the fibroids. I really wish I had gotten some imaging done when I was trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Blood tests can show whether there are hormonal issues. Good luck!

Not in SF, but Oakland, but I still thought I'd share: I have not seen her for fertility issues but she has very positive yelp reviews in that regard (look up Heidi Kao on Yelp). I found her very kind knowledgable. Good Luck!

I saw Naya at Needles and Tea after for help getting pregnant. She was recommended to me by someone else who had seen her and felt her work helped. I LOVE Naya and would recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist. 

I highly recommend Secret Garden Acupuncture just off union square. Both women who run the practice are extremely knowledgeable and have rich experiences with fertility. Since you are exploring fertility acupuncture, I also recommend the book, Making Babies, co written by a doctor and an acupuncturist.

I just turned 42 yrs old and had a baby myself! It is definitely possible! I firmly believe that Secret Garden was a big contributor to my success. Best of luck to you. 

Hi there, 

I would highly recommend Shawna Seth -

After two years of trying to become pregnant and IVF treatments I started seeing Shawna. She has been with me every step of the way. I'm 37. 

She got my body to a place where I could become pregnant (I had weird cycles and a thin uterine lining), sustain pregnancy, helped with pregnancy symptoms, and helped me recover postpartum. She is very gentle and kind. She also accepts some insurance. 

Good luck!