Recent thoughts and reviews of WCCUSD Washington elementary?


We are zoned for Washington Elementary and my son will be entering kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year. Excited about the Spanish immersion program, but wanted to get some thoughts from families that have or are currently attending school there.


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My daughter just started attending kindergarten this school year at Washington and so far we really like the school. Her teacher Ms. Diana is new from Spain and my daughter likes her and loves the school. She enjoys the gardening and music class. The PTA seems really engaged and committed. We did an intra-district transfer from El Sobrante and definetely believe it is worth the drive to Pt. Richmond. My daughter was having some issues with another kindergarter at lunch time. However, the teacher addressed it with the kids and facilitated a conversation between the kids and the parents that went smoothly. The principal also monitored the kids at lunch time and spoke with me when I picked her up from school that day about what she observed. I definetely was very concerned at first, however the way the school handled the situatiion was truly beautiful and really put me at ease.

Currently, the school is searching for a new principal. They have two co-principals that are sharing the duties. One is a retired principal from Berkeley and our interactions with her have been positive.

I really only have a short time of experience at the school, but feel free to message me if you have any further questions or concerns.