Recent Reviews of The Phillips Academy?

I'm hoping to hear from current families at The Phillips Academy about how their kids are faring and also about the process of getting a district (in our case, Berkeley) to pay tuition. 

Parent Replies

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I am a parent of a special needs child (fairly non verbal autism with high sensory needs) and would also be interested to know about others' experience at the Phillips Academy. We have recently transitioned back to Berkeley in full inclusion. It is going just "ok" and that is coming from someone with a positive attitude and expect good intentions mentality. We spent two years out of district in a special day class (it was at another public in a totally different county -- tough experience because of transportation -- long story) when Berkeley closed its autism class. Intentions are very good, but the proper resources to really support an individual with high need (moderate to severe autism) is not in place at BUSD and case management is bare bones.  Very concerned about middle school transition next year after just 2 months back in BUSD in full inclusion. Thoughts welcome. A Berkeley parent 

Our son is at Phillips and I can't say enough great things about it.  They really work with the families and care about the kids.  We had to fight the district (Lafayette) and bring an attorney in to get them to agree to move him.  He started at the end of 8th grade. Esther is wonderful and very patient to work with.