Recent reviews for Mustard Seed Preschool?

Hi! We're debating whether we should send our 2 yo to Mustard Seed Preschool, and would love to hear from current parents! 

Parent Replies

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Current MSP mama here. Yes!  We chose to do 4 years here with our oldest and our youngest will start as well when she’s is able at 18 months old. Here’s why:

  1. They have great student teacher ratios
  2. Learning is play-based
  3. Low teacher turnover - students really get to develop long term bonds with teachers / caregivers 
  4. Their food program is amazing.  3 snacks plus lunch included in full time care tuition.
  5. Teachers really love the kids and they also focus on social and emotional development, not just academic. 
  6. classmates foster good bonds with each other

you really can’t find better, cost effective care out in this area.  100% thumbs up!

happy to answer more questions, DM me. 

Mustard Seed is amazing! The warmest teachers with the best community. Both of my girls have attended since they were little ones, and I’m so so grateful for all the fun, learning, kindness, and.creativity that the school has offered them. The school lunches are also amazing. Could not recommend more enthusiastically.