Recent reviews of Cazadero Music Camp?

We're considering sending our rising 8th grader to Cazadero's Junior High 2 week camp this summer.  He's very musical and wants to go, but I cannot find any recent reviews on the camp.  I went as a child and didn't like it, but that was a long time ago, and I wasn't a very strong musician.  Any recent families whose child has attended willing to weigh in on what it's like?  How strong are the counselors?  If he doesn't attend with friends, will he still enjoy it?  Any help or advice is very welcome!  Thanks.

Parent Replies

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Our daughter attended Caz for multiple years, and enjoyed it tremendously. The counselors were wonderful; in addition to being awesome humans, they are also really good musicians. My daughter attended without friends from home in all of the years she went, and made close friends there; this was a highlight. Will your child do the same? No way for me to say! But I do recommend the camp very highly.

My daughter (8th Grader) went to Cazadero  Music Camp the past two summers, and will attend the Junior High Session in July.  She loves Caz, made great friends, and really stretched herself musically.  The counselors and staff are all wonderful, kind and caring - most of them attended Caz as campers, and come back every summer.  The concerts at the end of the session are incredible - listening to beautiful music under the redwoods.  We look forward to another summer at Caz.