Recent recommendations for earthquake retrofitting?

I'm researching companies to earthquake retrofit my house, but I have had a hard time getting these contractors on the phone. The most recent reviews here are from 2012. Does anyone have more recent experiences with great earthquake retrofit companies?

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We had a great experience with QuakeBusters ( in spring 2014. When we met with the manager, his presentation on what our house needed update-wise was informative and thorough; his bid was considerably lower than others we had solicited, and we also liked how he offered us the option not to take his word on things (he said that our one-story "textbook" house didn't need a structural engineer's evaluation, but also gave us contact information for several structural engineers who he works with in case we wanted to double-check). Once the work was scheduled, the crew arrived on time and worked hard; a job that they'd estimated would take 3 full days was done in just a bit more than 2. Crew foreman Frankee took time on the first day to answer our questions, and also worked to accommodate our special needs (in this case, a slightly-neurotic cat who we didn't want to close in the bathroom all day and also didn't want to lose under the house; the crew was able to close off part of the house as their work area and let him have the run of the rest). Our crawlspace is barely 18" and involves squeezing in through the closet floor, so the job certainly wasn't easy for them. We would heartily recommend :)

We seismically retrofitted our house in 2013. We went with J David Ford Construction ( Dave was the one who came out to our house to do the estimates and plan the work. He's not cheap, but we felt he did quality work and was very knowledgeable. Easy to work with. Good luck!