Recent Oakland L&D Experience?

Hi all, I'll be delivering at Kaiser Oakland next month, I delivered my first baby there in 2018 and had a great experience.  I was hoping to hear from parents who delivered recently since COVID on their experience.  thanks in advance!

1) I recall a lot of nurses coming in and out during my stay, is this still the case? Were you comfortable with the COVID protocols?

2) Was your partner allowed to leave and come back to the room? (this is more of a concern as we have a toddler at home)

3) Did you feel that you received sufficient lactation support?

4) did they still have newborn photographer come take photos?

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RE: Recent Oakland L&D Experience? ()

1 yes. All wear masks. Some are more insistent that you do(esp in mid of night or when they take you by surprise.

2 yea

3 kinda

4 no

RE: Recent Oakland L&D Experience? ()

I just delivered there three weeks ago. Still a lot of nurses in and out, but everyone was wearing a mask and many even wearing a face shield. Everyone who entered knocked first to give you a chance to put your mask on too. 

My partner was allowed to leave and come back. We even got food delivery one night for dinner no problem. 

Although this was my first baby, it seemed like all the usual support, we saw the lactation consultant and pediatrician every day. We were not offered newborn pictures, but I didn’t know that was a thing they offered! But maybe if I had asked?

Best of luck and happy baby!