Recent Feedback on Julia Morgan

Hello! We are considering moving our daughter to Julia Morgan from another independent school. I would love to hear from recent parents and students about the experience. Are there any concerns with the new head coming in or transition? We are really excited but just would love more recent experiences. 

Thank you! 

Parent Replies

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My daughter attended JMSG, she graduated from there in 2018. I know many of the same teachers are there and overall, it was the best educational choice I've ever made.  I found the academics to be effective and creative and engaging, and they do incredible work facilitating social and emotional development and creating a sense of community.  Amazingly, during the middle school years when girls can encounter alot of friend drama, my daughter had none. I'm totally underwhelmed by her high school experience but I'm so grateful for the foundation she got at Julia Morgan.  I'm a huge believer in single sex education, especially for girls and JMSG is a special place.