Recent feedback on Alameda West End schools

We are considering moving our family to West End in Alameda and would like recent feedback on schools (elem, middle, and high).   I know that test scores aren't everything but I saw a 3/10 for Ruby Bridges Elem which is alarming.  I have heard that Encinal is up and coming and has improved greatly.  I've also heard charter schools are an option.  I would love some detailed recent feedback from current West End parents on their respective schools and how they like it and any general advice about the public school enrollment process (i.e. is it even possible to try to enroll in a school outside of your neighborhood or are you pretty much limited to your neighborhood school due to space constraints?)

Parent Replies

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It is possible to transfer out of your home school area but many times you don’t find out until weeks before the start of the school year. However, the public schools have been more impacted since they closed Lum and redrew schools lines to accommodate the kids.

Aoa is a charter on the west end and it’s a mixed bag. Its a new school still working out kinks and trying to retain staff, but the school brings a good vibe of inclusion and social justice, on-site after school program and a middle school associated with it. Oh, and lice...they’ve had enough repeated occurrence of lice in their classes that they bring professionals in to check all the elementary school kids after a extended school break. Kids are accepted by lottery, after sibling priority.