Hearts Leap Lakeview for sensitive kid

Hi there

im considering sending my daughter, who is a highly sensitive kid, to hearts leap lakeview this fall. Wanted to see if anyone could share some recent experiences - particularly in regards to social emotional curriculum, creative projects, and outside time. And also connection to teachers and parents. 
thanks so much! 

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Our kid graduated from Lakeview not too long ago and I can't recommend it more highly. It's a wonderful, nurturing place with experienced teachers who get to know all the kids really well. The social emotional curriculum was excellent, creative projects were beyond my expectations, and community was down to earth and friendly. I was a little concerned about the smaller size of the outdoor play area but in the end it was the perfect size, and it was great to have kids able to do different things in different zones depending on their energy and interests. The mixed age class was also a plus - loved how my kid could look up to the older kids when he was on the younger side, and then how he helped out the younger kids when he was the oldest. Most families live in the neighborhood, which was great for playdates. There were kids who were on the more sensitive side and others who were outgoing and active, and it felt like everyone found their friends and took care of each other. We never worried about anything when we dropped him off in the morning. My kid is in elementary now and thriving, and we're so thankful to the teachers for a warm and amazing preschool experience.