Recent experiences with Roosevelt Elementary or Bancroft Middle?

Hello, I'm interested in hearing about any recent experiences at Roosevelt Elementary or Bancroft Middle School in San Leandro.  Thank you!

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This isn't all that recent--we moved away 2 years ago--but my son attended K and half of 1st grade at Roosevelt, and we loved it. The teachers he had were outstanding, the school community is very close, yet also very diverse. The PTA is well established and, while not wealthy, was able to fund significant add-ons, like a part-time science teacher and low-cost after school programming. Plus a kickass fall carnival. (We're now at a Title I school [low-income] which we love just as much or more, but definitely feeling the absence of those PTA benefits there--major equity discussion there, but you didn't ask about that ;)

We did look at charter schools in Oakland before enrolling our son, but I'm really, really glad we went with the local school. That long-term institutional stability provides a significant benefit and it was SO nice being in a neighborhood school we could walk to, with all of his friends nearby. 

In short, highly recommend Roosevelt.