Social skills summer camp for teen with multiple moderate disabilities?

I'm wondering if anyone has sent their kid to Quest camp in the last couple of years. They seem to have gone through a rough spot in 2013-14 when they expanded, but I'm wondering how they are now. 

Also seeking other suggestions. Cal Camp doesn't work with our schedule, and Fiddleheads (despite what their website says, sadly!) only accepts kids up through age 13 (mine is 14, a boy with multiple moderate disabilities and no aggression).

thanks for any replies!

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Walnut Creek's Recreation department has an excellent special needs day camp.  Every week has a different theme, and there's lots of outdoor time.  Most days they end the day by going to the pool (or at least they did the last 2 years).  My moderately impaired 16 year old son loves it, he can't wait to go again. It's a bit hard to find on their website, look under Specialized Recreation.  

Only disadvantage is the timing - the camp gets out at 3pm, which is challenging for those of us with full time jobs.  But it's worth it, my son loves getting to go to camp in the summer just like other kids.