Recent Experiences of Girls at St Mary's CHS?

I've heard lots of anecdotal positive reviews of SMCHS from parents of boys. I am interested in hearing from girls' parents who are current students (post COVID) about the experience on campus, relative levels of sexism etc. I am a little concerned about the dominance of boys football and worried there might be a big drinking/partying culture around that (yes, I am prone to worrying), especially if you have a girl on flag team or otherwise going to the games. Welcome any thoughts on your girl's recent experience. Thanks!

Parent Replies

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Our daughter is a recent SMCHS grad and it was the best high school experience I could ever wish for her.  It is a truly unique school with a dedicated staff and administration and even as a parent I will miss it. As for sexism, I'm not sure what you mean, I'm guessing it is no more or less so than anywhere else. It is not something our daughter EVER mentioned. There is no flag team, but she was a cheerleader and had a total blast. (The football team had an incredible come back season last year and it was super exciting!) However, it's not a football dominated school, there are so many amazing sports teams, and everyone is encouraged to participate. And no one is fixated on sports, they have great performing arts programs and clubs as well. Like every other high school, there are kids that drink/party and kids that don't. Mine and her friends were not partiers. There is a HUGE amount of diversity at SMCHS, so there are plenty of opportunities to find one's 'people,' our student had boy and girl friends from all walks of life. She enrolled not knowing a soul and walked out with lifelong friendships, and admission offers from top universities. If I had to do it all over again, I'd send her there in a second, one of the best decisions we ever made! Good luck!