Recent experience transferring into Albany Middle School?

Hi - looking for feedback from parents who recently (2017, 2018) applied for an out of district transfer into AMS, and either got it or didn't get it. I feel like I have heard that AUSD is more open to transfers other than elementary level in recent years (for the $$$) but don't know anyone personally. Mulling over an attempt for getting into AMS for next year as a sixth grader, knowing that my child will otherwise completely coast in 6th grade at elementary school at WCCUSD. But I also don't want to put my family through a stressful experience if there's zero chance of getting a spot on or before the first day of school - or - heaven forbid, losing our spot at our home school without getting a spot at AMS.

Thanks for sharing your recent experience!

Parent Replies

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When I tried to get an interdistrict transfer,  I found the difficulty was getting released from WCCUSD.  Yes, you have to be released and you have to have a reason, either you work, have child care in Albany or they offer something that your school doesn't.  I don't know what school your son would be going to but if they don't have a band,  Albany Middle has a great band so you might use that as an excuse.  Good luck!!

The district is indeed looking to approve significantly more transfer requests at the high school, where there is capacity.  The middle school, however, is overcrowded.  I do not believe the district plans to increase transfer at that level.