Recent experience at Nomura Preschool - too academic?


We've been wanting to find a new play-based preschool for our almost 3 year-old in the Richmond/El Cerrito area since we've moving over that way. Nomura Preschool is within walking distance, and the campus looks very nice, but the entire day seems very structured with little time for free play or outdoor play. Does anyone else who leans more towards play-based preschools have recent experience there? Did it feel too structured and academic? For a school that's been around for so long I was surprised to see so few reviews on BPN. Feel free to message me directly.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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Unfortunately I don't have an answer, but I also have the same concerns and am very interested in what people have to say. If anyone is answering privately, could you please message me directly as well? Thank you!

Our son has been at Nomura for several years, and we have been happy with his experience.  They spend some time in the mornings on academics, but they also get a lot of time on their huge playground area and time for free play at several stations in the classroom.  Today he was outside almost all day! 

 I feel like "play based" is more of a buzz word, and this preschool is a great mix of academics and play.  Feel free to message if you have more questions.