Recent experience with The Lake School?

Hi parents - our child was offered a spot at the Lake School (TK class) in Oakland. We'd appreciate any feedback from families whose kids have recently attended the Lake School? Specifically, on the parent community, support from teachers/administrators, outdoor playtime, Kindergarten readiness, or anything else you can share. Thank you!

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Our son goes to the Lake School, currently in the Robin program and he will be joining TK next year as well. We have loved their approach so far - play-based learning is so well-suited to this age range, and the director (Maia) and teachers are responsive, kind, and highly supportive of each individual. They have about an equal mix of indoor and outdoor playtime everyday, but more importantly they are constantly engaged in an array of engaging projects. They help take care of a lizard and rabbit that live at the school, they garden their own plants (he just brought home some wheat grass for us that he grew from seeds), they do all sorts of artwork, they make their own recycled paper from scratch, and the list goes on. Our son is also an August birthday and we struggled with whether to put him into TK or rush into K, and the staff there took a deep interest in getting to know his social, emotional, and intellectual development and sharing their views with us along the way. We feel confident he is in excellent hands. As an aside, the Covid protocols were thorough and went mostly without issue all this's become almost more of an afterthought, which is amazing. It attests to the strong governance of the program overall.