Recent experience with Berkeley community center summer camps?

Has anyone had a recent experience in the last couple of years with one of the community center day camps in Berkeley, either Frances Albrier, James Kenney or the Live Oak camp? They look great on paper for the price. I'm looking for a 5 year old who is pretty confident and flexible and likes many types of activities, including swimming. I'm mostly hoping that the staff are competent and help the kids engage with each other and have fun. 

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We didn't do them last year, but have many other years, starting at age 5, and will again this year (age 10). My outgoing kiddo has been fine. He has formed several long term relationships with the staff and happily chats with them when he sees them out in the community and at other city run events. The camps are less structured than some other camps (e.g., less structured than Blue Camp up at Cal), but my kid has enjoyed the extra freedom of choice and still never complained about being bored or not making friends. The staff tend to be part year round staff and part hired for summer older teens and college kids. Far more diversity in the staff and kiddos than we have seen in other camps, which we prefer. 

My 10yo has happily attended two locations of the CoB “summer fun camps” for the past four years. They’re great for kids who are social and generally down for any activity. They do a variety of crafts, games, and free play. Once a week they go swimming, and many weeks they have a field trip somewhere. Definitely recommended.

As a bonus, my child has formed casual friendship with kids outside his school community. We love running into camp friends at playgrounds or city events. 

The Berkeley Day camp (at Shorebird) is also excellent, although a bit more expensive. They do canoeing!

Sometimes these camps haven’t been as fun for kids who are shy, inflexible, or picky about their activities. Even then, attending with a friend often helps.