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Hello! We live in the Berkeley Hills and just got off the Kindergarten waitlist for Cragmont. We spent this past weekend debating leaving our current assignment of Washington Elementary for Cragmont. There were a lot of pros for both schools, and I'm certain our child would do great either way. One thing I did notice is that the Washington Elementary page on BPN has a lot more recent parent reviews for the school compared to Cragmont. I'm wondering if any parents with current students at Cragmont could share their experiences. Thank you in advance!

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I realize that you asked for responses from current Cragmont families, but I'm hoping that you'll consider my response as a former Cragmont family. Our 2 kids spent a combined 9 years at Cragmont, the second one having graduated a year ago. They both received a solid education and enjoyed the support of a warm and welcoming community. They each had a number of outstanding teachers. Like all BUSD elementary schools, Cragmont offers a lot of enrichment such as art, dance, gardening and field trips. There were cultural celebrations (e.g. Dia de los Muertos, Black History Month) and community gatherings (WinterFaire, Spring Carnival) both during the school day and on evenings/weekends when families were invited. While we were there, the PTA sponsored a number of afterschool classes such as cooking, tennis and Spanish. These classes were in addition to the district's LEARNS afterschool program. You should doublecheck whether the PTA classes are still being offered, as Covid may have had an impact. We have friends whose children had an equally great experience at Washington, so I would also urge you to consider start times and distance in making your decision. Washington starts at 8:10 and Cragmont starts at 9:00.  Depending on your family's morning schedule, one of those times may be much more convenient for you. We also live in the Berkeley Hills and being close to school, especially if you're within walking distance, is a huge plus. That being said, I believe that most kids enjoy riding the bus to school. All to say is that you cannot go wrong with either of these schools!


My child is starting 3rd grade at Cragmont and I have another Cragmont alumni. I like the school because of its convenient location. It is by far the closest school to our home. Another unique thing is the 9 am start time. Most BUSD elementary schools start earlier. Kindergarden classes have a bathroom INSIDE their classrooms. They also have their own dedicated hallway. Each classroom has the second exit door into their patio. The teachers use it often for parties and more frequently after COVID.