Recent Claremont Day Experiences

We are looking into Claremont Day on College Ave for my son who will be 3.5 when he starts in September 2021. Looking for anyone with recent experience with this preschool. Is it play based? Does the school help prepare children for kindergarten? Any insights would be appreciated.

Parent Replies

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We had our older kid at the Claremont location 2016-218 and have only great things to say. I basically only post on BPN to say good things about them and the home daycare (sunflowers in rockridge)we have used. Great long-term staff, totally play-based, delish food made on-site, great hours for working parents, we got along well with other families, etc. Our kid was more than ready for kinder at a very academic public school. They try to get kids recognizing all letters, counting to 20, and writing their names before they move on. They do homework packets focused on each letter through out the year, which I didn’t love but definitely preps them and there wasn’t any pressure about doing them well or on time or anything (though we did them PERFECTLY and on time 😛). It is not very diverse (probably ~80% white), which is a bummer. We’re planning to send our younger one when he’s old enough

We have been at Claremont Day on College Ave. for many years and love it. The teachers have all been there for a long time and are wonderful. Our oldest was ready for Kindergarten after attending. It is play based. Happy to answer more specifics if needed.