Recent Claremont and Oakland School for the Arts Experiences

I have a very creative and active kid who is interested in and very talented in art and music. They are an excellent reader and excel at creative writing, but struggle with more rigid/structured writing, and with math, even though they are still on grade level. They also have anxiety and ADHD so need a supportive environment, even though they do not have any behavioral issues at school. I’m interested in hearing from parents who have recently sent their kids to Claremont or Oakland School for the Arts - especially if they have similar interests to my kid. Also interested in the current chances of admission at OSA. 

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My daughter is similar to yours. Last year, she faced the decision between OSA and Claremont. At OSA, she was accepted to her 2nd choice program, which was Musical Theater. Though I felt OSA would be a better environment for her, she really did not like the campus, and felt the pressure of performing art would lead to more pressure, so she opted for Claremont. We have experienced both bullying and typical middle school social issues, such as exclusion, to be a problem at Claremont. I believe things would have been better at OSA in this regard, but it is hard to say as my daughter does have social issues. (She did consider trying to transfer after last year, but decided to stay at Claremont.) On the other hand, we have really liked her teachers at Claremont, they seem to appreciate her and she is getting good support. The art teacher at Claremont is great and has an afterschool club for those who don't have art as an elective. If you are thinking about a mid-year transfer to either school, the only way to know what your chances are is by calling them. If you are thinking about next year for OSA, it does vary year to year and depends on the program, but most people that we know got in before the school year started and others got in from the waitlist after. Good luck in your decision.