Reapplying to private school at a later date

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone has any experience with the following:

We are currently applying to Kindergarten and are leaning towards public school, however we are interested in a particular independent school.

If we apply and are accepted to both our desired public and private school but choose the public school, would the private school consider us at a later date, say late elementary school or middle school?  Or once we make a different choice, they are unlikely to consider our application again?  I know there are many hypotheticals in this equation but was curious if anyone had first-hand experience.

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If you are accepted the first time you apply, the private school will certainly consider you for enrollment at a later date. What matters most is if they have space at the grade level you are trying to enter at if you do return at a later date in hopes of admittance.

Private school parent perspective: The bigger the school and the more professional the admissions staff, they won't hold it against you regardless of the year/level you reapply. It would be a possible "black mark" at a co-op type school if there are parent volunteers assisting with admissions, who might have long memories. However, certainly there is a lot of shuffling around at middle school entry, so that should really not be an issue anywhere.