Realtor specializing in short sales or fixer uppers

We are looking to buy a fixer upper or a short sale situation in this crazy market. We are working with limited funds and exceptional circumstances, and so I have hesitated to contact a realtor for fear of being laughed out of her/his office and shamed for not making more money and expecting to own a home here!

I am looking for an empathetic, knowledgeable, and accessible realtor who can help us navigate this market and work within our (very limited) price range to identify some options and leads for us. We are open to *all* neighborhoods and not so concerned with school districts and the usual things that many home buyers are investing in. Hope to find someone we can connect with to help us find our new home!

Thank you BPN community.

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I wholeheartedly urge you to contact Sheri Madden with Marvin Gardens. She is amazing. We were working with a limited budget and not only is Sheri the most knowledgable agent I have ever worked with, she is also exceptionally patient and persistent. With Sheri's help, we were Able to find a great home and just closed a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely believe that our bid was successful because of Sheri and how she navigated the process.