Realtor specializing in NorCal land?

I'm looking to purchase some riverfront acreage in Northern California or Southern Oregon, but haven't settled on a specific river or county yet. I'd love to find a realtor who could help, but worry that I need to narrow down the area first. Are there "experts" in undeveloped property who can help identify and vet options over such a large area? Or even part of this area? If you have any leads, please send them along. Thank you!!

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Answer: No, there is not likely to be any one real estate expert over such a big range. I am not sure why you want riverfront "acreage" but haven't settled on a river yet... you may want to do some reading about water rights and what is allowed in both California and Oregon. Then do some touring around the areas of interest. I have friends in Redding with homes in town that back onto the Sacramento River, nice views but it's dangerous to enter on your own (some have fishing boats). Or you can go to the Medford/Gold Hill area of Oregon where you can buy property that fronts on the Rogue and there are spots where maybe you can wade in. But bottom line, if you want to be on a river to go swimming, consider you may want to consider a lake instead. If you want fishing/boating access, you're buying property with a dock or putting one in which may require a new set of permits that may or may not be approved by the right agencies. That leads me to my last point, which is that developing raw land is expensive, time-consuming, and not something you'd want to do long-distance.

All that said, I was just in Northern CA/Southern OR and saw plenty of for-sale signs on land, so if you start touring, you'll find some leads working parts of the area you're interested in.