Realtor to sell family home in North Berkeley hills

Seeking suggestions for a knowledgeable and effective realtor to sell a venerable brown shingle family home in the North Berkeley hills.

We are looking for someone who is responsive, easy to work with, and well-connected to the local market.

All tips appreciated!

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Well, the good news is that lovely old brown shingle houses in Berkeley are easy to sell! Our lovely old brown shingle house was found for us by the amazing Faye Keough (The Grubb Co.) before it hit the market. The Berkeley Hills are her beat. She knows every house. She is probably the most knowledgeable agent out there, and will be brilliant with pricing strategy and marketing, and will also work tirelessly to protect her clients' interests. Additionally, she is a warm, delightful person.

Maxi Lilley at Red Oak!

Maxi is an *exceptionally* talented real estate agent.  We have recommended her to many people, and everyone raves about her.  We worked with her to successfully close an off-market purchase in a highly competitive neighborhood, and she has worked with a number of friends to sell their homes.  Maxi is special.  She is a top performing real estate agent in the East Bay area.   Super knowledgeable about the properties, the neighborhood/market, all the little local details.  She has a design background (both landscape and interior design) so she knows exactly what to do to make your house sing in the sale.  Kind of astonishing what she can do with a home pre-sale to make it most attractive to buyers.  She has many connections to high quality folks on the finance side (mortgage brokers, bank loans, title company) and on the work side (handyman, electric, plumbing, HVAC, painting, etc), which also really helps with getting ready for selling.  But almost more than any of that, Maxi has an amazing bedside manner — she has helped us (and I have seen her help others) manage through doubt, stress, over exuberance, conflict with your partner, issues with the other party, etc.  She is honest, straightforward, trustworthy & kind.   We think she is one of kinda, actually.  A truly exceptional agent — would never think of using anyone else.  

Linnette Edwards of Abio Properties. No doubt.

She and Tammy sold our house for us. Super-responsive, not only easy to work with but also fun doing so. Knows the market back to front. Always on, always responsive.  They also have a great team of go-to guys to get things done to prep the home for sale quickly (and a great sense of what would be most helpful to do). And Tammy's marketing materials were tremendous. We made a vast amount more than we expected on selling the house (which they'd also helped us buy some years earlier).

Do not pass Go just call: 925.580.8801

You are looking for Marilyn Garcia, with the Grubb Company. 

She’s simply the best.  She stuck with us through market ups and downs, and helped us find our north Berkeley family home.  She also helped us stage and sell our small brown shingle central Berkeley home—we received over 30 offers.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!  Please feel free to pm me if you’d like more details.  She’s also helped several friends of ours and all are happily settled now. 

I love Dana Cordeiro at Red Oak Realty. She has worked with at least 4 member of my family and was wonderful every time. Cell: (510) 543-4198

Mark Choi with Compass is great (he recently left Marvin Gardens).  He is extremely knowledgeable about the area, well-connected and very honest and responsive.  My family has used him to buy and sell several house in the Kensington/El Cerrito area.  And full disclosure after doing business with him we became great family friends as is true with many of his clients and I think that's a testament to his quality as a realtor and human being. He can be reached at 510.381.1116

I recommend Pamela Oettel. We found her extremely easy to work with, patient and knowledgeable.

We had such a wonderful experience with our District Homes Realtor, Diana Ip!  She is, hands down, the best realtor we have ever worked with.  She is a great communicator, listener, representative and advocate. She always responded to us and was very thorough and efficient. We just felt really supported from house-hunting to closing. And I'm not sure if this is important to you, but it was to us--she has a big heart and just exuded empathy, and was a strong believer in social justice.

Don't bother looking anywhere else. Steve Michaeledis at the Grubb Company is one of the nicest humans you'll meet, but also the most knowledgable and experienced in real estate around here. He's helped us buy and sell a number of times. You'll love him!

Negar Souza at Red Oak 510.543.7016.  She has all of the qualities you are looking for and more!  Negar has helped me buy 2 homes in El Cerrito and sell one in North Berkeley over the last 3 years.