Realtor experienced selling condos in Lake Merritt area

I will be selling a condo next to Lake Merritt in the next month and am looking for a realtor with experience selling condos in the area. I've received two recommendations from someone who works at the front desk of the building: Mason Ma (Concord Pacific West) and Janette Licata (Highland Partners). Does anyone have any experience with either one of them? Or do you have a realtor you would recommend? 

Thank you!

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You may want to speak with Marni Fischer at District Homes in Berkeley, she is very experienced.  Marni has sold lots of homes and condos in the Lake Merritt area and is really a lovely, very ethical person and truly fantastic to work with.  Her info is:  415-722-0032 / MarniFischer [at]  Best of luck with your sale, the market seems very strong right now!

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Valerie Ruma is an excellent agent. She sold my condo near  Lake Merritt/ Rose Garden area in Dec 2020. I had multiple offers & got well over asking. 

Golden Gate Sotheby's International 

510 579 3614

She has excellent reviews.