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My father-in-law is preparing to move out of the house he's lived in since 1962, and is looking for a realtor. I saw some recent recommendations here, and am wondering if there are any realtors especially familiar with the Lake Drive/Los Altos/Beloit neighborhood of Kensington, north of the reservoir (and what IS going on with that reservoir, anyway?). Any experience working with Grace Bishop of Red Oak?


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Contact Sarah Torney of better homes and gardens. She helped us buy our house in that area. More importantly she grew up in Kensington and is extremely familiar with the area and the market. 

Selfish request- if you can please sell to a family with kids! Our third grader is the only child in several blocks. We'd love to have some kids in walking distance !

Celia Concus did a fantastic job helping us prepare and sell my grandmother's home on Colgate Ave. Thanks to her, we received many offers and sold it for an excellent price to a young local family (the mom grew up in the neighborhood). Celia has been selling homes in Kensington for many years (she sold my grandmother's home in 2010), knows the area exceptionally well, was a pleasure to work with, and I would DEFINITELY hire her again. Contact information: Marvin Gardins, 289 Arlington Avenue, Kensington, 510-527-0211. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions. Brenda (brenda_o [at]

Hello -- I can absolutely recommend Grace Bishop! As a fellow Realtor (but from another brokerage), I have worked with her many times, in Kensington and in the greater East Bay. I can tell you as an insider that she is solid gold. (Nope, she has no idea I am writing this, and nope, we are not personal friends -- I just appreciate her.)

I highly recommend Izumi Tada at Red Oak Realty. Izumi is professional, experienced & a great negotiator. We have used him for 5 house purchases and I've recommended him to numerous friends all with excellent results. His direct number is 510-917-6085. Feel free to look him up on Yelp as well.

I recommend Richard Morrison of the Berkeley office of Marvin Gardens. He's been a real estate agent for over 25 years. He helped us buy two homes in El Cerrito and sell one of them. He lives in Kensington so knows the area well. He just helped a friend of mine buy a house in Kensington. Plus, he's a nice guy and low-key, not pushy at all.

Hi Ariadne,

I think Marni Fischer is a fantastic realtor, she's at Marvin Gardens.  I was honestly pretty burned by a not so ethical real estate agent in my past so I was pretty cautious when picking another realtor.  Marni was as good an agent as my last one was bad and renewed my faith in realtors, yeah!  Marni is super kind, conscientious, ethical and all around fantastic.  I know that there are lots of great realtors in the area but if you really want someone who will completely and utterly look out for your best interests at all times, I would absolutely give Marni Fischer a call or text (415-722-0032), she's a great realtor and you can't go wrong.  

We work with Sandy Patel-Hilferty with Pacific Union Real Estate and think she is wonderful. Several of my husband's colleagues at UC Berkeley have also used her for buying and selling their homes in the area! Her email address is sandy [at]

On a more personal note, we are actually looking for a home in that neighborhood! We're expecting our first baby in just a couple weeks, but would love to know more about any home coming up for sale in the Upper Kensington area.