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I'd like recommendations for realtors who really know Richmond.  I've been looking at online listings and have driven around a few neighborhoods, but Richmond is pretty sprawling.  It seems more sensible to connect with a realtor experienced in the Richmond market.  Thanks!

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Hello! I live in Richmond and I love it! I recommend Luther Martin at Point Realty, 510-215-2807. He grew up here and knows every inch of Richmond. 

Cameron Parkinson, Thornwall Properties, 848-1950 office, excellent, knows Richmond well. I am also an agent and do not take giving out another agent's name lightly. If you are a buyer ready to move, you couldn't ask for a better agent than Cameron. 

Hi Labradorer,

I would try Feagley Realtors in Pt. Richmond.  Jerry Feagley has been in the business since 1966 and knows Richmond really well.  Just a disclaimer that I work with his wife handling property management . . .  

Jerry Feagley 


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I recommend Tommy and Jeanette Schneckenberger. They have been agents serving Richmond and the surrounding area for many years, and were neighbors of ours when we lived there. They are a hardworking team and know Richmond and its many neighborhoods very well. Good luck on your house hunting adventure!