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My wife and I wish to buy a house in the Rockridge-Elmwood area of the East Bay next year. We have noticed that there is a real estate office near there on College Ave close to Ashby Ave named Marvin Gardens. Our guess is that there are brokers in that office who are very familiar with that area and could assist us in our search. Has anyone had dealings with this office in the search of homes nearby and, especially, individual brokers who provided excellent knowledge and service? We would be grateful for any recommendations and thank you very much in advance.

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We just bought a house with Don Adamson from Marvin Gardens and highly recommend him. Had our best interest, knows the neighborhood, quick, honest. He's currently selling our previous condo.

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Jenny Wang! Jenny Wang! Jenny Wang!! :)

Can't recommend her enough. She knows (and lives) in Elmwood and has for years. My husband and I have bought and sold a good number of homes over the years and our experience buying (and selling) our Webster Street/Elmwood home with Jenny was stellar. Great energy, attention to details and will help see you through the whole process. Go Jenny! Good luck!

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Robin Donovan and Stephen Bloom are an incredible team, housed in that very office. We have done 7 or 8 transactions with them, and each time, another layer of their nuanced expertise unfolds. Robin is a whiz with numbers, and can predict how much to offer and exactly what it takes to get a deal done. Stephen is casual yet confident, warm yet firm - a master at negotiation. They are both fun and genuine. We have loved working with them, and will recommend them for anything in the greater Oakland/Berkeley area. Please feel free to message me with any questions, and best of luck with your upcoming purchase!