Real Estate Agent for selling large home in Rockridge

We would love to get recommendations for real estate agents who have experience selling in Rockridge.    Our home is larger than the typical Rockridge home and was completely rebuilt 10 years ago so it will be on the high-end of the market.  We would like to find an agent who has experience in our neighborhood and with higher end homes as well since it is a different set of buyers who would be able to look at this property.

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I strongly recommend that you talk to Tim Cannon at Marvin Gardens,  Tim is a Berkeley native who has been selling high-end homes in the area for decades.  He is direct, ethical, hard-working, smart, well-connected and just a super-nice guy.  He helped us sell a smaller house and buy a bigger one in north Berkeley when we were two working parents with a 10-month-old.  We had a lot going on, and it was a confusing time in the real estate market (9/11 happened between the time we bought our new home and put our old one on the market).  We really benefited from Tim's patience and sage advice.

With no reservations I recommend the Gunderman Group. They are magical, helping me to sell our home last year when my husband had already moved east for work. They’ve helped many friends sell and buy in the east bay, where they live too. David and Andrew have deep ties to the community and lead an expert team who will take care of everything. is based on laSalle in Montclair. Good luck!

Soraya and Simon Motley with Pacific Union are a great team.  Were our agents and from start to finish and well seasoned in your area. They have  also worked with us on other transactions. 

-Rachel Herbert

Definitely discuss your situation with Julie Gardner. She helped us purchase our home in Piedmont 3 years ago. She has been helping people buy and sell homes in this area for many years and we found her expertise to be invaluable. We still call her when we have questions about the market and she is is very responsive after all these years. Her number is 510-326-0840.

We cannot recommend Mischa Lorraine ( enthusiastically enough! She helped us buy our home in West Berkeley, sticking with us through 13 bids and an eventual seller who took 6 months to close. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the area as a life-long Berkeley resident and long-time realtor, thorough, super-responsive, patient, and determined.