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Looking for a real estate advisor to help advise on/navigate options with a condo inherited under a joint tenancy with right of survivorship. I say RE advisor because I am not sure if an RE attorney or agent or perhaps an estate planner would be the right person. I think experienced, fair & astute third-party advice on a possible exit strategy or other options for this property is needed. The other two individuals in the JWTOS are siblings and emotions are involved. The condo in itself is not worth a lot by Bay Area standards but it would be good to have authoritative answers to our questions, as well as options and their ramifications for us to consider. Recommendations much appreciated!

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I think real estate attorney is probably the correct professional. Maybe you and the siblings can arrange to consult with one for an hourly fee that you split, so you all get the same information at the same time.


Someone whose spouse is living through a lot of inherited real estate drama with more to come