Reading Specialist for 7 year old

Looking for recommendations for a reading specialist for my 7 year old. He has not been officially diagnosed with dyslexia yet, but is struggling to read despite a strong desire to do so and love of books. We just started doing the Barton System with him as it has been so difficult to find any specialists with openings during quarantine. I’d really appreciate recommendations for reading specialists—- especially those who may have current openings. I’ve contacted several people and they are all booked!
Thank you. 

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Ours is also booked, but we found her through this site: Find An Educational Therapist - AET : Association Of Educational Therapists ( - and there are many listed for our area. Our DD was diagnosed with dyslexia at the same age and finding a skilled ET made ALL the difference - good luck!

Hi Dara,

I highly recommend Jane Ashley. She has a ton of experience with dyslexia, is patient, kind, creative and very successful. I worked with Jane on various issues that my Asberger son had over the years and have benefited greatly from her experience.   She uses the Sllngerland method for Dyslexia and teaches in South East Berkeley. (510) 601-9780 / janeashley [at]