Reading club for a 3rd grader


I am looking for a reading club for my soon to be 3rd grader. Any recommendations or suggestions will be great. Would also love to start one if anybody is interested. I struggle to find the right books for her all the time..hence am looking for a club..where she can experience different genres and engage more in them. Thanks

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I would start with your local children's librarian! The public library is a great source for this kind of assistance. If your local branch doesn't have a children's librarian, find a bigger library that does - they are a wealth of information and can easily suggest all kinds of genres for your daughter to try! There are also great reading lists online - just google 'best books for kids age (fill in the blank). Good luck!

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I started one when my child was in 3rd grade. Basically asked half a dozen parents I knew — not necessary close friends but kids who liked reading. The way we chose books when they were young was for each child to have a month. They would bring 3 or 4 books and we would vote for one for the next month. I kept expecting the group to end in high school or college but it is still going 15 years later. It is helpful if some of the parents were English majors. 

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I second the recommendation for your local public library - our children's librarian used to run a monthly book club at the library for 3rd-5th graders before the pandemic. Libraries are just starting to have in-person events again, so if your local branch doesn't currently have a kids' book club but has a children's librarian, maybe they'd be open to starting one. Or if your school has a librarian they might be open to helping you organize something, or at least recommending books - librarians love to recommend books!