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We are looking for a trainer to work with our reactive mini Aussie trainer.  We are working with someone presently, but think it might be better to find someone who knows the breed or at lease specializes in reactivity.  He is reactive to cars/bikes/people/runners and dogs.  Sadly.  

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Hello, we hired Danial Dagg of Bay Area Dog Trainer and have been very impressed with his extensive canine knowledge and experience. He’s the real deal! We’re very happy with the improvements we’ve witnessed with our adult pet. Highly recommend. Good luck!

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We have a puppy who is very fearful of new people, bikes and skateboards, some sounds, which could be called reactivity I guess! Her reaction is to go into "fight or flight" mode or to just not want to leave the house. There's no quick fix, but under the guidance of our trainer she has come a long way in the 8 months we've had her. She is much more comfortable and we have learned so much about how to work with her. We hired Beth Peterson, who was originally referred to us years ago by Golden Gate Lab Rescue for our other dog. She's amazing and I have such deep respect for her commitment to animals and her deep understanding of dogs. She has many years of experience and has worked with a lot of very difficult dogs. She uses a really interesting training method called TBTE. It is not easy or fast or about obedience. But with what she's taught us we have raised a dog who is lovely to have around and is learning to be more confident in the world. Our dog's true nature is really shining and I know a big part of it is how we've learned to work with and support her, under Beth's guidance. 

Another nice bonus is that Beth does pack walks and so if/when your dog is ready for that, it is such a great way to get them out for some exercise/socialization under the guidance of a highly skilled trainer. Our older dog always looked forward to his pack walks with Beth so much!
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