Re-sod small patch of lawn?

We just finished a backyard renovation (thanks to a BPN tip for landscape design/build firm!) and have a small patch of open dirt that we'd like to install grass sod. It's only about 150 square feet and I am looking for suggestions on where to source a relatively small amount of sod?


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We just ordered sod directly from East Bay Nursery. I believe they come in 100 or 200 sq ft rolls, something like that. I had ordered a little too much and put the leftover on facebook marketplace, so also worth checking those places too to see if anyone is selling or giving away bits of extra on Craigslist or FB marketplace.


Pretty sure Home Depot sells sod. Any of the major hardware chains should be able to help you.


Try Encinal Nursery in Alameda.  They sell sod and I'm sure a smaller quantity would not be an issue.