Rats in the car!

Any advice on how to get rid of a possible rat(s) living in a car? EBMUD recently dug up the streets in our neighborhood, sending the sewer rats scurrying. Our car is parked in the driveway, and since Covid we don’t drive much anymore. Our mechanic just noticed the air filter on our Prius had been gnawed on by rats. We’re not sure if the rat is still in there, but the mechanic advised setting traps just in case. This might be a dumb question, but as someone who knows nothing about cars: do we just put the traps in the cabin of the car at night? What kind of traps are most effective/humane? Has anyone here hired exterminators to inspect their car and deal with any infestations? 

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Our old Prius had the air filter chewed by rodents as well. The Toyota mechanics suggested putting dryer sheets in the glove box as they don't like the smell. My understanding is they crawl up there at night because it is warm(er) and like the materials they use which contain soy. If you set traps, I would put them outside the car, not inside. I don't know about humane traps, but you could call Vector Control and ask them what they recommend. Good luck!

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I had the same problem. It seems a rat, or a small family of rats, brought wrappings and nesting material and was camping out under my hood. My vehicle was dormant for a while and I when drove my car it would overheat. Finally, after a scary experience on the highway, I went to a mechanic and was shocked. It was like a motel 6 next to my engine and one radiator fan was broken. Yuck! I did not know the damage was covered by insurance so that was a double bummer. Months later the gas light came on and the mechanic found knawing on an oil filter line which was throwing off a sensor. It was a quick cheap fix but now I vacuum often and make a point to move my car even if its just to drive for a few minutes.. Can you borrow a cat? Joking :) 

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Are they in the car?  Or in the engine compartment?  I lost 2 vehicles to rats.  (We live close to a creek.)  You'll never be able to catch all of the rats.  Just drive the car everyday.  Rats don't like it when things change.