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I'm remodeling my kitchen and I'd like advice on a good range. I've narrowed it down to Bluestar, Thermador, or DCS. All-gas, 30-inch. Cost is a concern (i.e. can't do Wolf), but I want something durable. Does anyone have experience with these brands? Thanks.

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We live in Oakland and have a DCS stove X 15 yrs.It's been reliable, but finding someone to service it and/or the parts has been hard. The store went out of business, there's a guy based on the Peninsula but he charges a lot extra to come here. Make sure to add this into your decision equation! 

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I love my Bluestar. It's super powerful and simple so there is not much that can go wrong. Downsides are that mine isn't self cleaning, and the burner design is also hard to clean. I've heard bad things about the reliability and service of DCS. I think of Bluestar as a home version of a restaurant stove, not flashy but a true workhorse.