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We had a family emergency and need to relocate so we need to sell our home asap. What’s the fastest way to do this? We don’t really have the time or money to get it market ready. I would prefer a private sale to save money on using a realtor. However, I understand that realtors often sell at a higher price which we could use in our situation. Our home is in good condition and needs the typical cosmetic improvements, i.e new interior paint, refinished wood floors, etc. Could probably get more if we updated kitchen and bathrooms, but again no time or money to do this. Any advice would be appreciated especially if you’ve been in this situation or know someone who has. Our home is in Oakland, Glenview neighborhood 3bd/2.5ba.

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I highly recommend you speak to a real estate professional who can guide you on the pros and cons.  How quickly do you need to relocate and to where?  Do you need to buy a new home wherever you're moving to or will you be renting?  A realtor can help you prioritize which things you should do given the budget and time constraints you have.  We worked with https://www.meganmicco.com/ when we bought our home and she helped us prioritize which projects were necessary vs could be put off.

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I'm so sorry about your family emergency. We live in Glenview as well - have you posted this to Glenfriends? You might get some ideas from there too. Best of luck!