Wisdom needed for IEP and Special Education

We have a child with an IEP within BUSD. We're looking for some answers related to IEPs and special education. Any parents or educators with information on the related items would be most helpful:

- What are options for the types of daily/weekly communication (with parents) by the case manager and/or general education teacher (email, checklist or other); and what's required by law?

- What opportunities for pull-out services are available in BUSD for kids needing 1:1 focused academic training? (math etc.)

- What best practices exist in California school districts for kids who have ADHD, to help them with executive functioning challenges; help with critical thinking and self organization etc.

- What BUSD schools (Elementary and Middle) have the best reputation for helping kid populations who have IEPs and who are black; looking for well regarded case managers, best test scores for these populations etc.

If you have knowledge about any of the above items, we'd love to hear your experience and understand our options better. A private response is welcome. Thank you.

Parent Replies

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Check out DREDF.org based in Berkeley. They are very knowledgeable in navigating IEP, IEE, etc. They helped me when I wanted to request an IEE for my son when he was at OUSD. They are awesome advocates!

My son also needed OT, but for sensory processing disorder and I was told that public schools only provide OT for kids who have difficulty with fine motor skills like writing as opposed to gross motor skills. My son has received OT at CPMC Kalmanovitz Child Center in SF with Sydney Lew OTR which has been amazing for him. She is so kind and patient, but most importantly taught him the skills to learn what his body needs and how to manage them.

As a side note, if you’re able, I would suggest homeschooling your child as it has been the best decision I made for my son with high functioning autism and sensory processing disorder.

Thank you Jme! Most appreciated! I've reached out to DREDF.org and will see what I find out regarding resources they have. Very little protocol seems to exist around executive functioning training for neurodiverse kids at public schools, such as self organization & self regulation. It's frustrating more resources aren't identified for children with this need, especially when it directly impacts their academic performance and connecting the dots. We have our own routines at home yet the public schools fall short for these kids.