Questions about BIHS

My son is considering starting at Berkeley High School in 9th grade this fall with a view to joining BIHS in 10th grade.  He is very interested in international politics, economics and philosophy and a strong  critical thinker who loves to do his own research, and averse to more dogmatic or ideologically slanted teachers.  So based on the course descriptions BIHS sounds like a great fit for him.

I have some questions for current or recent students or parents of students in BIHS:

1) What is the typical class size in BIHS classes?  What is the largest number of students in a class you or your kid has had in BIHS?

2) Has BIHS lived up to your expectations (to the extent you had them) in terms of being inquiry based, encouraging of critical thinking and non-dogmatic?

3) If it turns out BIHS is not a great fit for my son, how hard is it to transfer to Academic Choice?

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We experienced class sizes up to 39 in junior/senior classes.