Question about WCCUSD waitlist - Washington

Hi everyone. My son just got placed on the waitlist for Washington elementary in Richmond. He is number 3 on the waitlist. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into how likely or unlikely it is that he would actually get in by the time school starts? I am really wanting to get him into a dual immersion Spanish kindergarten. Any insight or advice is appreciated. 

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People who wanted to transfer from Washington had to apply there first.They would have to accept their new assignment before they would be taken off the Washington list which may not happen immediately.People also move or choose private schools and do not always let the district know.Years ago we were two on a waiting list at a WCCUSD school and got in the second week after school started.Others got in at that same time who had a number below ours.

Nothing is certain, but I think at #3, you stand a good chance. Good Luck!

You'll probably get in. We were number 4 on the waitlist and got in on the 3rd day of school. It was difficult being in limbo but ended up being worth it.