Question about part-time day care


 Do any of you know of any day cares that offer part time care for infants? I will be returning to work in September when my baby is 7 months old, and am hoping to find day care for her 2-3 days per week. We will have grandparents caring for her on the other days.  Alternatively, do any of you have experience setting up a part time nanny share? We would be flexible with days as the grandparents can take any days of the week. I just felt that it might be more complicated doing a part time share with another family to find a matching schedule and to find a nanny to match. This is our first so any advice is welcome. We live in North Oakland and I work at UC Berkeley so ideally the day care is located in North Oakland, South Berkeley, or Emeryville. Many thanks, Brook (and Juno, 11 weeks)

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You are unlikely to find a daycare that can offer you part-time infant care.  Daycares are limited by state law in how many children under 2 they can accept, so it can be hard to find a daycare that has a spot available for a baby. Even if you do,  their preference is going to be for a full-time baby to fill that spot, not part-time. Your best bet is a nanny share. Lots of families only need part-time nanny care and many of them are flexible on hours, so there's a good chance you can find a nanny share that works for your days and hours.  Good luck!