Question about Albany after school and Oceanview

We are new to Albany and our child has been assigned to Oceanview for 2nd grade. Does anyone know the after school program situation for Oceanview students who will be housed in the MS annex? I'd also love to hear from any current Oceanview families who can talk about the school's community and help allay my anxieties about my child starting in the 2nd grade during a time of some big transitions/changes for the school =).  Thank you.

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You can try to enroll to after school program through ACC. They will operate from Anex for 1st & 2nd grader. You can also enroll your kid at YMCA. They will do Anex pick up. 

My little girl (or she always say big girl) will be in 2 nd grade this August. If you want to meet for a play date, DM me. We will be out if town Sat to Sat, but I can meet up on Friday late afternoon or next Sunday or Monday before school start.

About your anxiety. I am in the same boat. I worry a lot and I worry easily, so this is what I do when I have kid is only in 2nd grade. There will be plenty of time for me  to worry or having anxiety. Especially when she is a teenager. I better save my sanity for later time when she is a teenager. Most of the time, it helps.